Feltball Coasters – green white

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Felt ball trivet and matching coaster sets are designed in shades of different colors in a regular placement pattern. These are safe and ecofriendly products designed to meet your needs providing a stunning accent for your home. These are too good for both hot and cold beverages – a hot coffee to a chilled beer.

These trivets and coasters are perfect for any fun and festive events, from a holiday gathering to a Christmas party, Thanksgiving dinner, or even for an everyday family dinner. It is a perfect gift item for anybody. Goes with hot pots, kettles, cups and glasses. Truly unique products that add decorations to your home collection.
These trivets and coasters are completely handcrafted using traditional felting techniques by skilled artisans in Nepal who have been practicing arts for years. They are made up of individual felted balls each sewn together to create a fabulous product.


Trivet is roughly 20 cm in diameter, made from 2 cm felt balls.
Coasters are approximately 9 cm and 10 cm in diameter, made from 1 cm felt balls.


• Handmade, durable, 100% pure, natural, New Zealand wool.
• Various colors.
• Safe, ecofriendly, completely free from harsh chemicals and synthetics.
• Antibacterial and easy to clean.
• Non-itchy and naturally repels odor, dirt, and stains.
• Greatly aesthetic.
• Responsibly and sustainably constructed.
• Non-toxic, non-allergic, AZO free.
• Kitchen accessory. A perfect gift item.
• Completely handcrafted in Nepal by expert women using traditional felting/needling techniques. No machines used.


• Hand wash or dry clean.
• Do not wash in machine or natural oils.
• To remove dirt, let dry and brush gently.
• Colors can fade away with extreme sunlight.
• Do not use when wet as colors can fade off to the surface.


• Measurements are approximate due to handmade nature.
• Colors may slightly vary due to differences in monitor display settings.
• Please add a note or send message to receive or send it as a gift wrap for no extra charges.
Please contact us for customized color or larger quantity.


• Free shipping worldwide.
• Processing time varies according to number of pieces ordered from 3 to 10 business days.
• Turnaround time for shipment 8 to 10 days.

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We consistently keep fulfilling our commitment to best quality, timely delivery, fair wages, better working conditions, and strictly prohibiting child labor. We provide platform to hundreds of needy women to earn their living. Our products are thoughtfully and gracefully engineered and customer satisfaction is our main motive.

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